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Bortnyanski, Dmitri Stepanovich

Born: 1751 AD
Died: 1825 AD
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1751 – Born on the 28th of October in Hlukhiv, Ukraine. Russian composer.

         – He received his first musical education at the music school of his home town.

1758 – He was accepted into the Boys’ Choir of the Petersburg Court at the age of seven and he sang in the Imperial Chapel Choir in St. Petersburg.

1776 – Composed operas: "Creonte" and "Alcide" in Venice, and "Quinto Fabio" at Modena.

1779 – Returned to the court at St. Petersburg.

         – He became director of the Petersburg Court Musicians.

1786 – Composed four more operas "Le Faucon", "Le Fete du Seigneur", "Don Carlos", and "Le Fils-Rival ou La Moderne Stratonice".

1796 – He became the director of the Imperial Musicians, who flourished under his leadership.

         – Bortnyanki composed three more operas, numerous Choral works, songs, and chambermusic. The bulk of his life’s work consists of diverse choruses and hymns.

1825 – Died in St. Petersburg on 10th of October, and was interred at Alexander Nevsky Monastery in St. Petersburg.

2.8 (55.71%) 14 votes