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Boris Klemens Robert Maria Pius Ludwig Stanislaus Xaver

Born: 1894 AD
Died: 1943 AD
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1894 – He was born on the 30th of January in Sofia, Bulg.

1918 – He succeeded his father as king of Bulgaria when he abdicated on the 4th of October.

1923 – An opponent of Bulgaria’s political strongman, the Agrarian Union leader Aleksandur Stamboliyski, Boris is generally considered to have played some role in the coup that removed Stamboliyski from power in June.

1925 – He was the object of terrorist conspiracies; two attempts were made on his life within a few days in April.

1930 – His marriage to Princess Giovanna of Italy temporarily cemented Italian relations

         – He passed more into the German orbit and sought rapprochement with Yugoslavia.

1934 – After the establishment of a military dictatorship in Bulgaria, he worked gradually to reassert his power;

1935 – In November, he had successfully installed Georgi Kyoseivanov, a personal favourite, as prime minister.

1938 – He was dictator in all but name.

1943 – He died on the 28th of August in Sofia.

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