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Boris Mihail (King of Bulgaria)

Born: 8XX AD
Died: 907 AD.

Nationality: Bulgarian
Categories: King


852 - He served as ruler of Bulgaria.

853 - He was engaged in a campaign in Macedonia, and Bulgaria was invaded by the East Franks, who defeated Boris and his Slavic allies.

863 - He became interested in converting to Christianity and undertook to do that at the hands of western clergymen to be supplied by Louis the German.

864 - He was secretly baptized at Pliska by an embassy of Byzantine clergymen, together with his family and select members of the Bulgarian nobility.

865 - He converted to Christianity and helped spread Christianity in Bulgaria.

         - Boris renewed his diplomatic contacts with the West.

866 - He sent embassies to Pope Nicholas I  and to King Ludwig of Germany.

         - He gave asylum to Clement, Nahum, and Angelarius, the disciples of Cyril and Methodius, missionaries to the Slavs, who had been driven out of Moravia.

889 - Boris I abdicated and became a monk, but he retained the right to take an active part in the government of the state.

         - He was canonized by the Orthodox Church, and his feast is celebrated on the 15th of May.

907 - He died on the 2nd of May in Preslav (now Veliki Preslav), Bulg.


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