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Borel, Felix Edouard Emile

Born: 1871 AD
Died: 1956 AD
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1871 – He was born on the 7th of January in Saint-Affrique, France.

1889 – After placing first in the entrance exams for the École Normale Supérieure and the École Polytechnique, both in Paris, he decided that the former was the best avenue to an academic career.

1893 – He graduated first in his class and then taught at the University of Lille, where he wrote his thesis and 22 papers in the following three years before he joined the faculty of the École Normale Supérieure.

1899 – He was the first to conceive and develop a systematic theory of such series.

1909 – He was appointed to the chair of theory of functions created for him at the Sorbonne.

1913-1914 – He bridged the gap between hyperbolic geometry and special relativity with expository work.

1921 – He completed a series of papers on game theory and became the first to define games of strategy.

1924 – Borel also served in the War Office during World War I, in the French Chamber of Deputies.

1925-1940 – He served as minister of the navy.

1945 – He was awarded the Resistance Medal.

1955 – He also was awarded the first gold medal of the National Centre of Scientific Research.

1956 – He died on the 3rd of February in Paris.

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