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Bonner, Neville

Born: 1922 AD
Died: 1999 AD
3 (60%) 37 votes

1922 – Born at Ukerabagh Island, New South Wales, on the 28th of March. He was the first Indigenous Australian to be elected to the Parliament of Australia.


1946 – Attained the position of Assistant Settlement Overseer.


1960 – Moved to Ipswich, where he joined the board of directors of the One People Australia League (OPAL).


1967 – Joined the Liberal Party and held local office in the party.


1970 – Became its Queens land president.


1971 – He was chosen to replace Liberal Senator Annabelle Rankin after her resignation.


1972 – Served as 1st aboriginal elected to Australian Parliament.


1979 – Bonner was named Australian of the Year.


1984 – Awarded the title Officer of the Order of Australia.


1992-1996 – He was member of the Griffith University Council.


1993 – The university awarded him an honorary doctorate.


1998 – Elected to the Constitutional Convention as a candidate of Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy.


1999 – He died at Ipswich, on the 5th of February.




3 (60%) 37 votes