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Bonilla, Roberto Martin Antonio

Born: 1963 AD
Currently alive, at 54 years of age.

1963 – Bobby Bonilla was born on 23rd of February in Bronx, New York.

1986 – At the age of 23 when he began into the big leagues on 9th of April with the Chicago White Sox.

1986-1991 – He played for Pittsburgh Pirates.

1992-1995 – Played for New York Mets.

1995-1996 – He played for Baltimore Orioles.

1997-1998 – Played for Florida Marlins.

1998 – Played for Los Angeles Dodgers.

2000 – Played for Atlanta Braves.

2001 – Played for St. Louis Cardinals.

       – He was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals, but was released due to an injury and the success of his replacement, Albert Pujols.