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Benedetto Gaetani (Boniface VIII)

Born: 1235 AD
Died: 1303 AD, at 68 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes, Religious Leaders


1235 - Benedetto Gaetani or Pope Boniface VIII, born in Rome, Italy. He was Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

1252 - When his uncle Peter Caetani became bishop of Todi, in Umbria, he went with him and began his legal studies there.

1260 - He acquired a canonry in Todi, as well as the small nearby castle of Sismano.

1264 - He became part of the Roman curia where he served as secretary to Cardinal Simon of Brie on a mission to France.

1265 - 1268 - He accompanied Cardinal Ottobono Fieschi to England in order to suppress a rebellion by a group of barons against Henry III, a churchman in England.

1276 - He was sent to France to supervise the collection of a title and then became a papal notary.

1281 - Accumulated seventeen benefices which he was permitted to keep when he was promoted, first to cardinal deacon and then 10 years later as cardinal priest.

1294 - He was elected in after Pope Celestine V abdicated.

1294 - 1303 - He was Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

1300 - Formalized the jubilees, which afterwards became a source of both profit and scandal to the church.

1303 - Founded the University of Rome La Sapienza.

       - Died on the 11th of October in Rome, Italy.


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