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Boniface VII

Born: 9XX0 AD
Died: 9850 AD
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       – A cardinal deacon, he ordered the murder of his predecessor, Benedict VI, and was installed by Crescentius I.

       –  Later, however, he was expelled at the behest of Otto II, the Holy Roman emperor, and was replaced on the papal throne by Benedict VII.

974-984 – He served as pope, or antipope.

       – He owed his rule to the support of the Crescentii, a powerful and unscrupulous Roman family.

984 – They summoned Boniface from his refuge in Constantinople, where he had fled with the church treasury; on his return he imprisoned, and presumably murdered, John.

985 – A reign of intrigue ensued, which ended with Boniface’s murder by a vengeful Roman mob on July in Rome, Italy.

2.7 (54%) 20 votes