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Boniface II

Born: 4XX0 AD
Died: 5320 AD
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Born in Rome, Italy.

530-532 – Served as pope, and of Gothic descent, he was the first Germanic pontiff.

       – He was an archdeacon under Pope Felix IV, who designated him as his successor.

       – Fearing Ostrogothic domination, however, the majority of the Roman clergy elected the deacon Dioscorus of Alexandria.

530 – Boniface convoked three Roman synods: in that of, he received the submission of his opponents.

531 – In the beginning, he proposed the right of a pope to select his successor.

     – Later, he annulled the succession arrangement.

     – He solemnly approved the conciliar decrees of the second Council of Orange (France), which condemned Semi-Pelagianism, the heretical belief in the power of man’s innate will to seek God.

532 – He died on the 17th of October in Rome, Italy.

2 (40%) 3 votes