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Bonfils, Frederick Gilmer

Born: 1860 AD
Died: 1933 AD
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1860 – Born on the 21st of December in Troy, Montana. A publisher who made the Denver Post into a crusading newspaper of nationwide prominence in the United States.

1878-1881 – Bonfils entered the U.S. Military Academy.

1895 – With Harry H. Tammen, he purchased the Post.

       – They dedicated the paper to “the service of the people” and conducted spirited crusades against crime and corruption; above the door of the Post building they inscribed “O Justice, when expelled from other habitations, make this thy dwelling place”.

1900 – Their exposés often involved them in lawsuits, and one instance an irate lawyer attempted to kill them.

       – Under their direction, the Post became and remains an influential and widely circulated newspaper.

1933 – He died on the 2nd of February in Denver, Colorado.

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