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Bone, Henry

Born: 1755 AD
Died: 1834 AD
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1755 – Henry Bone was born on February 6th in Truro, England, United Kingdom. An English enamel painter.

1776 – Had been apprenticed to a porcelain manufacturer in Plymouth, painting landscapes and floral scenes.

1779 – He had settled in London apparently working in an enamel workshop, painting decoration for watches and jewelery.

         – Employed by London jewelers for small designs in enamel.

1781 – He exhibited his first enamel portrait miniature at the Royal Academy, where he continued to show regularly.

1800 – The beauty of his pieces attracted the notice of the Royal Academy.

1801 – He became enamel painter to George III.

1811 – He was made an academician.

1831 – Executed many beautiful miniature pieces, among these his eighty-five portraits of the time of Queen Elizabeth.

         – He had produced a dynasty of enamelers which included Henry Pierce Bone and William Bone.    

3.2 (63.08%) 26 votes