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Boltzmann, Ludwig

Born: 1844 AD
Died: 1906 AD, at 62 years of age.

Nationality: Austrian
Categories: Physicists


1844 - Born in Vienna, Austria on the 20th of February, to Ludwig Georg Boltzmann a tax official and Katarina Pauernfeind.

         - Boltzmann attended high school in Linz, Upper Austria.

1859 - At age 15, he lost his father.

1863 - Studied physics at the University of Vienna.

1866 - Received his PhD degree at the University of Vienna working under the supervision of Stefan.

1867 - He became a Privatdozent.

1869 - Appointed full Professor of Mathematical Physics at the University of Graz in the province of Styria.

1871 - He was with Gustav Kirchhoff and Hermann von Helmholtz in Berlin.

1873 - Professor of Mathematics at University of Vienna.

1876 - On the 17th of July, he married Henriette von Aigentler; they had three daughters and two sons.

1885 - Became member of the Imperial Austrian Academy of Sciences.

1887 - He became the President of the University of Graz.

1890 - Appointed to the Chair of Theoretical Physics at the University of Munich in Bavaria, Germany.

1893 - Boltzmann succeeded his teacher Joseph Stefan as Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Vienna.

1895 - Became a professor of philosophy and history of sciences.

1900 - He went to the University of Leipzig, on the invitation of Wilhelm Ostwald.

1902 - Boltzmann came back to Vienna.

1906 - On the 5th of September he committed suicide during an attack of depression.


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