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Bolivar, Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad (Simon Bolivar, El Libertador, the Liberator)

Born: 1783 AD
Died: 1830 AD, at 47 years of age.

Nationality: Venezuelan
Categories: General, Presidents


1783 - Born on the 24th of July in Caracas, Venezuela. His parents died when he was a child and he inherited a fortune.


1801 - Married María Teresa Rodríguez del Toro y Alaysa but died the next year due to yellow fever.


1810 - Returned to Venezuela, he joined the group of patriots that seized Caracas and proclaimed independence from Spain.


        - He fought under Francisco de Miranda in unsuccessful revolt in Venezuela.


1813 - Returned to Venezuela, and took command of a patriot army, he recaptured Caracas from the Spaniards.


1814 - He took command of a Colombian force and captured Bogota.


       - He was exiled to Jamaica.


1816 - In Haiti he gathered a force that landed in Venezuela, and took Angostra (now Ciudad Bolivar).  He also became dictator there.


1819 - Bolivar marched into New Granada. 


       - Defeated the Spaniards in Boyar, liberating the territory of Colombia.  He then returned to Angostura and led the congress that organized the original republic of Colombia (now Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela). 


        - Became its first president of Gran Colombia on 17th of December.


1821 - Bolivar crushed the Spanish army at Carabobo in Venezuela on 24th of June.


       - Marched into Educador and added that territory to the new Colombian republic. 


1822 - After a meeting with another great liberator, Bolivar became dictator of Peru. 


1824 - His army won a victory over the Spaniards at Auacucho, which needed Spanish power in South America. 


        - He became the president of Peru.


1825 - Upper Peru became a separate state, named Bolivia in Bolivar's honor.  The constitution, which he drew up for Bolivia, is one of his most important political pronouncements.


        - He became the first president of Bolivia.


1828 - There was an assassination attempt to his life on September 25th.


1830 - He died on 17th of December in Santa Marta, Colombia due to tubercolosis and was buried at the National Pantheon, Caracas, Venezuela.





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