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Boiardo, Matteo Maria

Born: 1434 AD
Died: 1494 AD
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1434 – Born at Scandiano, the son of Giovanni di Feltrino and Lucia Strossi.

      – In his teenage year he had been a successful imitator of Petrarca’s love poems.

1469 – He had received many marks of favour from Borso d’Este, duke of Ferrara, having been sent to meet Frederick III.

1471 – Visited Pope Paul II in the train of Borso.

1472 – Married Taddea Gonzaga, the daughter of the Count of Novellara.

1473 – He joined the retinue, which escorted Eleonora of Aragon.

1478 – He was invested with the governorship of Reggio.

1481-1486 – Served as Governor of Modena.

1487 – Wrote the grandiose epic poem of chivalry and romance "L’Orlando innamorato".

1494 – Matteo Maria Boiardo died on 20th of December.

1499 – Rime, another work, was nearly forgotten when English-Italian librarian Antonio Panizzi published.

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