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Bohme, Jakob (Jacob Behmen)

Born: 1575 AD
Died: 1624 AD, at 49 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Mystics


1575 - Born in Altseidenberg, Germany, near Görlitz, and grew up as a Lutheran, and worked as a shoemaker in Görlitz.

1599 - He settled at Görlitz as master shoemaker, and married to Katharina, daughter of Hans Kuntzschmann, a thriving butcher in the town.

1600 - He received through observing the exquisite beauty of a beam of sunlight reflected in a pewter dish.

1610 - Started writing his first treatise, Aurora, or Die Morgenroete im Aufgang.

1612 - Boehme's authorship began in his 37th year with a treatise, Aurora, oder die Morgenröte im Aufgang, which though unfinished was surreptitiously copied, and eagerly circulated in manuscript by Karl von Ender.

1618 - Began a second period of authorship; he poured forth, but did not publish, treatise after treatise, expository and polemical, in the next and the two following years.

1623 - His first printed book, Weg zu Christo (The Way to Christ), caused scandal.

       - He was exile in Dresden.

       - He produced his major work De Signatura Rerum and Misterium Magnum.

1624 - Jakob Böhme died on 17th of November in Görlitz.

       - Bohme was the important source of German Romantic philosophy.


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