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Bogoraz, Vladimir Germanovich

Born: 1865 AD
Died: 1936 AD
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1865 – Born on April 27th in Ovruch, Russia. Russian anthropologist whose study of the Chukchi people of northeastern Siberia ranks among the classic works of ethnography.

         – Founder of the Institute of the Northern Peoples in Leningrad, which did important applied anthropological work, particularly in documenting indigenous Siberian languages, and creating and teaching written languages for them.

1886 – Arrested for activities with the revolutionary Narodnaya Volya (“People’s Will”) political party, Bogoraz was exiled to the Yakutia region of northeastern Siberia.

1889 – He had the opportunity to study the Chukchee people in North-Eastern Siberia when he was exiled there for what was labeled by the authorities as "revolutionary activity".

1910 – He wrote the book, Chukchee Mythology, his studies of the Chukchee people.

1936 – Died on May 10th on the way to Rostov-na-Donu.

         – The Institute was closed by Stalin after Bogoraz’s death.

1.8 (36.25%) 16 votes