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Bogardus, James

Born: 1800 AD
Died: 1874 AD, at 74 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Architects, Inventor


1808 - James Bogardus was born on the 14th of March in Catskill, New York.


1814 - At the age of fourteen to start an apprenticeship at a watchmaker.


1828 - Invented the "ring flier" for cotton-spinning.


1829 - He devised an eccentric mill, in which the grinding-stones or plates run in the same direction with nearly equal speed.


1831 - He made an engraving-machine with which gold watch-dials could be made.


         - He invented the transfer-machine for producing bank-note plates from separate dies.


1832 - He invented the first dry gas-metre.


1836 - By giving a rotary motion to the machinery he invented in 1832, he made it applicable to all rent fluids. When he was in England, he produced a metallic engraving-machine which engraves portraits of the queen, Sir Robert Peel, and distinguished persons.


         - In London, he agreed to construct a machine for engine-turning that would copy all kinds of known machine engraving, but could not imitate its own work.


1939 - In 1939, the British government offered a reward for the best plan of manufacturing postage-stamps. His submission was selected from among 2,600 competing designs.


         - He also invented machines for pressing glass, appliances for shirring India-rubber fabrics, and for cutting India-rubber into fine threads.


1847 - He built a factory in New York City made entirely of cast-iron, five stories high. As he was successful in this undertaking, it led him to engage in the business of erecting iron-ware buildings throughout the country.


1848 - He patented a sun-and-planet horse-power, and a dynamometer for measuring the speed and power of machinery while in motion.


         - He also invented a pyrometer of great delicacy, and a deep-sea sounding-machine, and also made numerous improvements in the manufacture of tools and machinery.


1874 - He died on the 13th of April in New York City.


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