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Boeynants, Paul Vanden

Born: 1919 AD
Died: 2001 AD
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1919 – Vanden Boeynants was born on the 22nd of May in Forest, a municipality in the Brussels-Capital Region. Belgian politician.

         – He took over and greatly expanded the family butchery business, eventually branching out into meat processing on an industrial scale.

1940 – With a hiatus, he was mobilized and subsequently spent a year in a German prisoner-of-war camp.

1942 – Married to Lucienne Deurinck.

1945 – He had become the President of the Guild of Butchers of Brussels.

1949 – Served as Representative for the Parti social chrétien (PSC).

1952 – He was a longtime member of Parliament.

         – He parlayed into the beginnings of a political career, being elected a Social Christian MP.

1957 – His ministerial debut followed, when he was appointed Minister for the Middle Classes in a right- centre government of Social Christians and Liberals.

1961 – He was the French-speaking leader of the centrist Social Christian Party.

1966-1968 – Vanden Boeynants became Prime Minister of Belgium.

         – He became Prime Minister for the first time, leading a right-centre coalition of Social Christians and Liberals.

1978-1979 – He served again as Prime Minister of Belgium.

1986 – He was convicted of tax fraud in connection with his business activities and given a three-year suspended sentence.

1989 – He was kidnapped on 14th of January by members of the Haemers criminal gang.

         – He was kidnapped by a gang led by the notorious mobster and murderer Patrick Haemers, and was only released a month later on payment of a ransom of 60 million Belgian francs.

1995 – He left politics.

2001 – He died of pneumonia after undergoing cardiovascular surgery on the 9th of January at the age of 81.

1 (20%) 2 votes