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Bodin, Jean

Born: 1529 AD
Died: 1596 AD
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1529 – He was born this year in Angers to a prosperous artisan family of Jewish origins.


1561 – Bodin studied and taught Roman law at the university in Toulouse (around the time when Navarrus was there), before becoming a lawyer in Paris around 1561. 


1568 – In his tract this year, Bodin did not dispute that these activities could cause inflation, but Bodin wanted to pin the blame on the Peruvian silver pouring into Europe through Spain.


1571 – He entered the service of the king’s brother, the Duke of Alençon (later Anjou), and accompanied him to England (it was in the court of Queen Elizabeth I that Bodin was almost made a jester).


1576 – His most famous work “Six livres de la republique” was written in this year. Also in this year, he served as a delegate of the Third Estate in the Estates-General of Blois.  Bodin threw his political lot in with Michel d’Hôpital, whose politiques faction was trying to construct a "third way" between the extremists of the Catholic Holy League and the Calvinist Union.


1580 – He wrote a demonology "handbook" for judges at witchcraft trials.


1583 – Bodin decided to duck the whole tumult by quietly retiring to a prosecutorship in Laon in this year.


1587 – This year, he also argued for religious tolerance in Colloqium Heptaplomères.


1588 – After Catholic troops captured the town, Bodin prudently switched his allegiance to the Holy League.


1594 – He welcomed the ascendancy of Henry IV and the restoration of the politiques in this year, but, now, being officially in with the fanatics, Bodin was not asked to return.  He died of the plague in Laon.




2.9 (58.18%) 11 votes