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Bode, Johann Elert

Born: 1747 AD
Died: 1826 AD
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1747 – Johann Elert Bode was born on the 19th of January in Hamburg.

1768 – Bode published his popular book, "Anleitung zur Kenntnis des gestirnten Himmels" [Instruction for the Knowledge of the Starry Heavens], which was printed in a number of editions.

1771 – Bode merged his discoveries and other observed objects with those from other catalogs he had access, namely the existing objects and most of the asterisms and non-objects from Hevelius’ catalog, the sufficiently northern objects from Lacaille’s catalog, most of the 45 objects.

1774 – Together with Johann Heinrich Lambert, he founded the German language ephemeris, the Astronomisches Jahrbuch oder Ephemeriden (Astronomical Yearbook and Ephemeris).

       – He is credited with the discovery of Bode’s Galaxy (M81).

1774-1775 – Bode started to look for nebulae and star clusters in the sky, and observed 20 of them.

1777 – "Complete Catalog of hitherto observed Nebulous Stars and Star Clusters" of an overall 75 entries, which he published.

1779 – He found M64 on April 4th, only 12 days after Edward Pigott had first discovered it.

1781 – Bode was greatly interested in the new planet discovered by William Herschel in March.

1801 – Director of the Berlin Observatory, and he published the Uranographia.

       – Bode published his famous and popular star atlas, Uranographia, where he reproduced or introduced a number of new and strange constellaitons, including "Officina Typographica," "Apparatus Chemica," "Globus Aerostaticus," "Honores Frederici," "Felis," and "Custos Messium," all of which have not survived and vanished from modern star charts.

1825 – After almost 40 years, Bode retired from the post of a director of the Berlin Observatory, and was succeeded by J.F. Encke.

1826 – Bode died in Berlin aged 79, on 23rd of November.




3.6 (72.89%) 45 votes