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Boccaccio, Giovanni

Born: 1313 AD
Died: 1375 AD

1313 – Giovanni Boccaccio was born on the 16th of June.


1327 – Moved to Naples when his father was appointed to head the Neapolitan branch of his bank.


     – Boccaccio was apprenticed to the bank and spent six years there.


1341 – Returned to Florence.


1370-1371 – Boccaccio revised and rewrote the Decameron.


1350 – Became closely involved with Italian humanism and also with the Florentine government.


       – His first official mission was to Romagna.


       – He was delegated to greet Francesco Petrarca.


1358 – Wrote story collection "Decameron".


1365 – Returned to work for the Florentine government.


1367 – Boccaccio was again sent to Urban, offering congratulations.


1375 – He died at the age of sixty-two in Certaldo on 21st of December.