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Bobetko, Janko

Born: 1919 AD
Died: 2003 AD
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1919 – The birth year of Janko Bobetko. He was a Croatian army general.

1941 – He joined first antifascist unit in occupied Europe – First Sisak partisan company.

1941-1945 – Bobetko fought in partisan resistance movement.

       – He was heavily wounded at Dravograd in Slovenia, but survived to become Yugoslav People’s Army officer.

       – In the post-war period he attended and graduated from YPA Military academy and rose to the rank of lieutenant-general.

1970 – In the events known as the Croatian Spring, Bobetko, who sided with the reformist Croatian Communist leaders, was demoted and expelled from YPA after Josip Broz Tito’s crackdown on Croatian leadership.

1990 – Bobetko refused to accept position of defence minister.

1992-1995 – Served as Croatian army’s Chief of the General Staff.

1993 – The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia subsequently indicted Bobetko as the supreme commanding officer.

1996 – Wrote a book titled Sve moje bitke ("all my battles").

2003 – He was already gravely ill, and he died before being extradited.

3 (60%) 15 votes