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Boban, Mate

Born: 1940 AD
Died: 1997 AD
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1940 – Born in the village of Soviæi in the municipality of Grude in southern Bosnia Herzegovina. Bosnian Croatian leader.

       – He managed a publishing company in Imotski, Croatia and subsequently was a bureucrat in a tobacco factory in Zagreb.

1991-1994 – He was the first and only president of the short lived Herzeg-Bosnia.

       – Boban proclaimed the existence of the ‘Croatian Community of Herzeg-Bosnia’, as a separate "political, cultural, economic and territorial whole," on the territory of Bosnia.

1992 – Met with Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadžiæ in Graz, Austria where they agreed on mutual cooperation in the division of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

       – Boban went into retirement after the Washington accords ended Herzeg-Bosnia.

1997 – On 4th of July, he had a stroke and died at a hospital in Mostar.

2 (40%) 3 votes