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Blow, Susan Elizabeth

Born: 1843 AD
Died: 1916 AD
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1843 – Born on the 7th of June in Carondelet, Missouri.

       – Blow was devoted to the theories developed by Friedrich Froebel.

1849 – A great fire burned the riverfront and downtown St. Louis. It destroyed many buildings, including Susan’s home.

1859 – Began her training at the New York Normal Training Kindergarten, operated by John Kraus and his wife Maria Boelte.

1861 – The school shut down and Susan returned to Missouri. The Blows were pro-Union and antislavery.

1865 – Four years after the Civil War, Henry Taylor Blow was appointed ambassador to Brazil. Susan Blow went with her father and worked as his secretary for fifteen months.

1873 – Blow opened a 1st public Kindergarten at Des Peres School in St. Louis, Missouri.

1879 – There were 53 kindergarten rooms in the St. Louis school system. Because she had worked very hard and become too tired, Susan Blow became sick.

1884 – She retired and traveled to improve her health.

1889 – She left St. Louis and moved east.

       – In New York and Boston, Blow wrote books and taught about the kindergarten movement.  

1916 – She died on 26th of March in New York City and was buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis.




3 (60.6%) 67 votes