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Blok, Alexander Alexandrovich

Born: 1880 AD
Died: 1921 AD
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1880 – Born on the 16th November in St Petersburg, Russia. Russian poet.

         – Son-in-law of Dmitri Mendeleev.

1887-1888 – Blok began to write and take an interest in theater at an early age. The first of his children’s stories in prose and poetry were written.

1891 – Alexander Blok began his studies at Petersburg Introductory School.

1897 – The first of Blok’s works to be included in a poetic collection was dated October 21st. It was entitled "Night Has Descended On the Earthå" and was Blok’s literary debut.

1898 – He enrolled in the College of Law at Petersburg University.

1899 – Blok began taking part in Petersburg dramatic circles.

1901 – He switched to the Slavic-Russian department of the Historical-Philological College.

         – He took classes in poetic recitation at M.M. Chitau Theatrical School, and began to visit the university’s Circle of Fine Literature.

         – Blok wrote the dramas "King on the Square", "The Stranger", "Blaganchik", and others. He also wrote dramatic scenes that were successfully performed at the theater.

1903 – Married Lyubov Mendeleeva.

1904-1908 – He crafted the image of St Petersburg for "The City".

         – His first book, "Verses about a Beautiful Lady", was written.

         – His first book of poems, Songs about the Lady Fair, was influenced by the mysticism of Solovyev.

         – Blok then came out with several poetic compilations and series: "Accidental Joy", "Snow Mask", "Land in the Snow", and "Night Hours".

1911  – Wrote poetry collection "Nocturnal Hours".

1917 – He wrote "The Scythians".

1919 – He was appointed President of administration of the Bolshoi Dramatic Theater.

1920 – Blok was elected to the Board of Directors of the Russian Writer’s Union.

1921 – He died on August 7th in Petrograd.

2.3 (45.71%) 14 votes