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Bloembergen, Nicolaas

Born: 1920 AD
Currently alive, at 98 years of age.
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1920 – Born in Dordrecht, The Netherlands on the 11th of March. Dutch-born American physicist.

1941-1943 – Bloembergen received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Utrecht.

1945 – He left Netherlands due to devastation of Europe from World War II to pursue graduate studies at Harvard University.

         – Bloembergen was hired to develop a first NMR machine.

1946 – He entered Harvard University, where with Edward Purcell and Robert Pound he did fundamental research on nuclear magnetic resonance.

1948 – Received his Ph.D. from University of Leiden and then became a professor at Harvard University.

1949 – He joined Harvard as a junior fellow of Society of Fellows.

1950 – Married to Huberta Deliana Brink and had 3 children.

1951 – He returned to Harvard, where he became  the Gordon McKay professor of applied physics.

1956 – Correspondent, Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen, Amsterdam.

1957 – Became a member of the Guggenheim Fellowship.

1958 – He became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

1959 – Member, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D. C.

1961 – Recipient of Stuart Ballantine Medal, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia.

1974 – He received many honours for his work, including the National Medal of Science.

         – He became a Rumford Professor.

1978 – He was awarded the Foreign Honorary Member, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.

1979 – Awarded the Lorentz Medal, Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen, Amsterdam.

1980 – Awarded the Associé Étranger, Académie des Sciences, Paris.

         – Became a Gerhard Gade university professor.

1981 – Co-recipient with Arthur Leonard Schawlow of the United States and Kai Manne Börje Siegbahn of Sweden of the Nobel Prize for Physics for their revolutionary spectroscopic studies of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter.

         – Bloembergen’s research in nonlinear optics helped procure him a share of the Nobel Prize.

1983 – Received the Medal of Honor from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

1990 – Retired from the faculty of Harvard University and became Gerhard Gade University Professor Emeritus.

1991 – Served as President of the American Physical Society.

3.2 (63.33%) 24 votes