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Bloch, Erich

Born: 1925 AD
Currently alive, at 93 years of age.
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1925 – Erich Bloch, IBM vice president and head of the corporate technical personnel development staff.

       – Mr. Bloch studied electrical engineering at the Federal Polytechnic Institute of Zurich (Switzerland) and received his bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Buffalo, New York.

1952 – Joined IBM as an engineer in Poughkeepsie.

1968 – He held a number of positions there and was named director of the Poughkeepsie laboratory.

1972 – He became a member of the Corporate Technical Committee.

1975 – He was named general manager of the East Fishkill facility.

1976 – He was made a vice president of the System Products Division, later the Data Systems Division.

1980 – Mr. Bloch was named assistant group executive, technology, Data Processing Product Group.

1981 – He became head of the corporate technical personnel development staff in August and was elected an IBM vice president in the following month.

1985 – Erich Bloch was one of three IBM retired employees to receive the first National Technology Medal from U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

3.1 (62.35%) 17 votes