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Bligh, William, Captain

Born: 1754 AD
Died: 1817 AD
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1754 – William Bligh was born on the 9th of September in Plymouth, Devon.

1770 – He joined H.M.S. Hunter as an able seaman.

1771 – Became a midshipman and was transferred to the Crescent.

1776 – He was selected by Captain James Cook for the position of Sailing Master.

1780 – Reached England again and was able to give further details of Cook’s last voyage.

1781 – Married Elizabeth Betham, the daughter of a Customs Collector on 4th of February.

       – He was appointed to serve on HMS Belle Poule as its master.

       – In August, he fought in the Battle of Dogger Bank under Admiral Parker.

1787-1789 – Captain of H. M. S. Bounty on voyage to Tahiti to obtain breadfruit for introduction into West Indies, but overthrown in mutiny led by Fletcher Christian.

        – Cast adrift in open boat with eighteen crewmen, ultimately landing on Timor in East Indies

1791 – Sailed to Tahiti again and successfully introduced breadfruit to West Indies.

1808-1810 – Served as Governor of New South Wales.

1810 – Deposed by mutinous soldiers.

1810-1812 – He was imprisoned.

1817 – William Bligh died on 7th of December.

2.2 (44.21%) 19 votes