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Blanchard, Hiram

Born: 1820 AD
Died: 1874 AD
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1820 – Born on the 17th of January in West River.

1841 – Descendant of a New England family, Hiram Blanchard received his education at Pictou Academy, studied law with William Frederick DesBarres in Guysborough, and was admitted to the bar as attorney in November.
1842 – Married Eliza Cantrell of Guysborough, and had one son, who died young, and four daughters.

1859 – Won election to the Nova Scotia legislative assembly as a Liberal.

1860 – He moved to Halifax and formed a partnership with Jonathan McCully, then solicitor general and railway commissioner in Joseph Howe’s Reform government.

1863-1867 – He was re-elected and in the assembly showed particular concern over the treatment of the insane and the deaf.

1864 – Became Attorney General in the government of Charles Tupper.

1867 – Blanchard became the 1st premier of Nova Scotia.

1870 – After McCully was appointed to the bench, Nicholas H. Meagher became Blanchard’s partner.

1871-1874 – He served as leader of the opposition.

1874 – Hiram Blanchard died on 17th of December in Halifax, Canada.



2 (40%) 3 votes