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Blanchard, Francis

Born: 1916 AD
Currently alive, at 102 years of age.
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1916 – Born in France. A French politician.

1947 –  He began his career as an international civil servant when he joined the International Refugee Organization (IRO).

1951 – He joined the ILO as deputy chief of the Manpower Division.

1956 – Then Director-General David Morse appointed Mr. Blanchard Assistant Director-General.

1964 – Mr. Blanchard was given overall responsibility for the ILO’s technical cooperation work, requiring close cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

1973-1989 – The Hon. Francis Blanchard: former Director-General for the International Labor Organization (ILO).

1983 – He won back the United States membership (founding member of the ILO) at the beginning of the Reagan Administration, and China returned to active membership in the ILO, making universality of the Organization a reality.

1989 – Mr. Blanchard retired from the ILO and currently resides in France.


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