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Blanc, Jean Joseph Charles Louis (Louis)

Born: 1811 AD
Died: 1882 AD, at 71 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Historian, Politician


1811 - Born in Madrid, Spain on the 29th of September. French  historian,socialist politician and utopian socialist, noted for his theory of worker-controlled “social workshops”.

         - Studied law in Paris, and became a contributor to various journals.

1839 - Opposed the idea of a Napoleonic restoration.

1840 - It was in this newspaper that his most important work, L'Organisation du travail (“The Organization of Labour”), appeared serially.

1841 - Published his 'Histoire de dix ans 1830-1840', an attack upon the monarchy of July.

1843 - Blanc joined the committee of La Réforme, the journal of the extreme left-wing Republicans.

1847 - He published the two first volumes of his 'Histoire de la Revolution Française'.

         - He became prominent in the so-called banquets campaign for electoral reform, holding large audiences with his oratory.

1848 - Louis Blanc became a member of the provisional government.

         - Blanc was forced to flee to England after the workers unsuccessfully revolted in June.

         - He supported himself during his exile by teaching and lecturing; he wrote a history of the Revolution and a history of the French Revolution as well and also a series of books on British political and social conditions.

1858 - Published a reply to Lord Normanby's A Year of Revolution in Paris.

1870 - He did not return to France until the fall of the Second Empire of Napoleon III.

1871 - On 8th of February, he was elected a member of the National Assembly.

         - He refused to join in the revolutionary commune that seized control of Paris, but after the commune was crushed he sought to obtain a political amnesty for the communards.

1878 - He advocated the abolition of the presidency and the Senate.

1879 - Introduced into the chamber a proposal for the amnesty of the Communards.

1882 - He died on 6th of December at Cannes, France.


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