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Blamey, Thomas Albert, Sir

Born: 1884 AD
Died: 1951 AD
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1884 – Born in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, on the 24th of January.

1899 – Blamey worked as a trainee schoolteacher in the Wagga Wagga.

1903 – Moved to Western Australia to continue his teaching career.

1906 – Disposed the offer of the Church leaders in Western Australia to enter training as a minister.

       – He was appointed to a position in Victoria with the rank of lieutenant.

1908 – Blamey married Minnie Millard on 8th of September.

1910 – He was promoted to captain.

1911 – Became the first Australian officer to pass the demanding entrance test for the British Staff College.

1912 – He began his studies at the Staff College at Quetta in India.

1914 – Blamey was sent to Britain for more training.

       – On 1st of July, he was promoted to major.

1915 – Blamey was promoted to lieutenant colonel.

1916-1917 – Blamey held battalion and brigade command posts.

1919 – Blamey returned to Australia and became director of Military Operations at Army Headquarters.

1920 – He became Deputy Chief of General Staff.

1925 – On 1st of September, he transferred from the PMF to the Militia.

1926 – He took command of the 10th Infantry Brigade, part of the 3rd Division.

1931 – On 23rd of March, he took command of the division and was promoted to major general.

1937 – Appointed as Chief Commissioner of the Victoria Police, where scandal first found him.

1938 – Blamey was appalled at Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews.

       – Appointed chairman of the Commonwealth government’s Manpower Committee and controller-general of recruiting.

1939 – He married a 35-year-old fashion artist, Olga Ora Farnsworth at St John’s Anglican Church, Toorak.

       – On 13th of October, he was promoted lieutenant general and appointed to command the 6th Division.

1942 – Blamey was recalled to Australia to become the Commander-in-Chief AMF.

1946 – Blamey retired from his post.

1951 – He died on 27th of May because of hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage

3 (59.23%) 26 votes