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Black, Hugo LaFayette

Born: 1886 AD
Died: 1971 AD
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1886 – Born Hugo LaFayette Black on the 27th of February. American politician and jurist, best known for his belief in the Bill of Rights as a guarantee of civil liberties.

         – Attended at Ashland College, Ashland, Alabama.

1906 – Finished law at University of Alabama School of Law, LL.B.

         – He practiced law in Alabama and became a police court judge.

1910 – Served as a police court judge in Birmingham.

1914 – Served as a prosecuting attorney at Birmingham, Alabama.

1915-1918 – Served as Captain in the U.S. Army during the WWI.

1921 – He married Josephine Foster, a Birmingham minister’s daughter.

1923-1925 – He was the member Ku Klux Klan.

1926 – Served as U.S. Senator from Alabama.

1937 – He became the U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

         – Nominated by Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 12th, to a seat vacated by Willis Van Devanter.

         – Confirmed by the Senate on August 17th, and received commission on August 18th.

1957 – Justice Black married his secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth Seay DeMeritte, a fellow Alabaman.

1971 – Black resigned because of health problem.

         – He died on 25th of September at Bethesda, Maryland.

2.6 (52%) 15 votes