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Bitar, Salah al-Din al-

Born: 1912 AD
Died: 1980 AD
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1912 – Salah al-Din al-Bitar was born in Damascus, Syria.

1929 – Al-Bitar traveled to France to study in the Sorbonne.

1934 – He returned to Syria and became professor of physics and mathematics at the Tajhiz al-Ula.

1939 – Aflaq and al-Bitar began to attract a small following of students.

1941 – They issued leaflets agitating against French rule, using the title al-ihyaa’ al-‘arabi.

1942 – Al-Bitar and Aflaq resigned from their teaching position.

1943 – He co-founded Ba’ath Party.

1945 – He formed the first elected Bureau of the Arab Ba’th Movement.

1947 – He was elected secretary general in the party congress in Damascus.

1952 – Al-Bitar took refuge in neighboring Lebanon, along with Aflaq.

1956-1958 – He became Minister for Foreign Affairs.

1963 – He offered to him the position of prime minister at the head of a coalition.

1966 – Al-Bitar was captured and detained, along with other members of the party’s historic leadership.

1969 – The court condemned him to death in absentia.

1970 – He was pardoned by Hafiz al-Asad.

1980 – He died on the 21st of July, Salah al-Din al-Bitar was shot dead in Paris.

2.9 (57.6%) 50 votes