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Smith, Frederick Edwin (1st Earl of Birkenhead)

Born: 1872 AD
Died: 1930 AD, at 58 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Jurist, Politician


1872 - Born on the 12th of July in Birkenhead in Cheshire.

1896 - Graduated from Wadham College, Oxford and became a professor of law.

         - Educated at Oxford and a fellow of Merton College.

1899 - F.E. Smith was called to the bar and practiced in Liverpool.

1901 - Married to Margaret Eleanor Furneaux in April and they had three children.

1906 - Entered the House of Commons representing the Walton constituency of Liverpool.

         - Became a prominent leader of the Unionist wing of the Conservative Party.

         - Having been elected as a Conservative MP for the Walton division of Liverpool, Smith moved to London where he continued to practice as a lawyer.

1915 - Appointed as a Solicitor General by H. H. Asquith.

1916 - Worked to secure the conviction and execution of the Irish nationalist, Sir Roger Casement.

1919 - He was created Baron Birkenhead, of Birkenhead in the County of Cheshire.

         - Appointed Lord Chancellor by Lloyd George.

1921-1922 - Created Viscount Birkenhead, of Birkenhead in the County of Chester.

         - Became Viscount Furneaux, of Charlton in the County of Northampton, and Earl of Birkenhead.

         - He played a major part in the Irish settlement and was created earl.

1924-1928 - Served as Secretary of State for India.

         - After retiring from politics, he became Rector of the University of Aberdeen.

         - Became the director of Tate & Lyle, and High Steward of Oxford University.

1930 - He died on 30th of September in London.

         - His greatest achievement as a lawyer was the preparation of the series of Acts reforming land law.


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