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Birague, Rene de

Born: 1506 AD
Died: 1583 AD
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1506 – He was born in Milan on the 2nd of February.

1536 – As a doctor of law, he was admitted to the Collegio d’avvocati of Milan.

1539 – He was Maestro delle Richieste of the Parliament of Turin.

1518 – He married Valentina Balbiano, with whom he had two children, but after her death he took minor orders in Milan.

1563 – H was made president of the Superior Council of Pinerolo, on the 9th of January, then French ambassador to the Council of Trent in April, he was appointed Francis’s ambassador to Emperor Ferdinand I in June and then to Maximilian, king of the Romans.

1565 – He obtained a brevet of naturalization, September, taking the name René de Birague, and his political career at the court of Charles IX advanced rapidly.

         – He accompanied the king in his trip to Guyenne and served as procurator and lieutenant general in Lyon and other places September.

1568-1570 – He became Superintendent of Finances.

1572 – He attended the secret meeting of the council that decided upon the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre of Huguenots, on the 24th of August, he was in the King’s chamber with the dukes of Guise and Nevers, Tavannes and Retz, when Queen Catherine de’ Medici arrived to determine the king, who was undecided.

1573 – Birague was named chancellor of France as a reward for his participation on the 17th of March.

1578 – He was also promoted to the cardinalate on the 21st of February under the insistence of Henri III, though he never went to Rome to receive the red hat.

1583 – He died on the 24th of November in Paris.lic cardinal, diplomat, and politician

2 (40%) 2 votes