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Biot, Jean Baptiste

Born: 1774 AD
Died: 1862 AD
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1774 – Jean Baptiste Biot was born on the 21st of April in Paris, France.

1797 – He was appointed professor of mathematics at Beauvais.

1800 – He became professor of physics at the Collège de France.

1801 – He wrote "Analyse de la mécanique céleste de M. Laplace".

1802 – He wrote "Traité analytique des courbes et des surfaces du second degré".

1803 – He wrote "Recherches sur l’intégration des équations différentielles partielles et sur les vibrations des surfaces".

1804 – He made a hot-air balloon ascent with Joseph Gay-Lussac to a height of 5kms.

1814 – He became chevalier.

1816 – He wrote "Traité de physique".

1835 – He wrote "Lettres sur l’approvisionnement de Paris et sur le commerce des grains".

1840 – He received Rumford medal of the Royal Society.

1849 – He became the commander, of the Legion of Honor.

1856 – H was awarded the French Academy.

1858 – He published "Mélanges scientifiques et littéraires".

1862 – He died in Paris on the 3rd of February.

         – He studied the polarisation of light passing through chemical solutions, and relationship between electrical current and magnetism.

         – He Discovered the unique optical properties of mica.

         – H was co-eponym of Biot-Savart Law.

2.6 (52.86%) 14 votes