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Binney, Horace

Born: 1780 AD
Died: 1875 AD

1780 – Binney was born on the 4th of January in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1797 – Graduated from Harvard College.

         – He studied law in the office of Jared Ingersoll.

1800 – He was admitted to the bar in Philadelphia.

1806-1807 – He served in the Pennsylvania legislature.

1811-1816 – He served as the attorney general of Pennsylvania.

1833-1835 – He was a member of the National House of Representatives.

1858 – He published "Leaders of the Old Bar of Philadelphia".

1859 – He published his work "Inquiry into the Formation of Washingtons Farewell Address".

1875 – Horace Binney died on the 12th of August.