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Bingham, Hiram

Born: 1789 AD
Died: 1869 AD
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1789 – Born in Bennington, Vermont.

         – He attended Middlebury College and the Andover Theological Seminary.

1819 – The American Board of Missions sent him, with others, to found the first Protestant mission in the Hawaiian Islands.
1820 – Became the missionary to Hawaii.

1822 – Bingham adapted the Hawaiian language to writing, published Elementary Lessons in Hawaiian, and, with his associates, translated the Bible into Hawaiian.
         – Bingham designed the Kawaiaha Church, on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.

         – He developed 1st system of written Hawaiian.

         – Helped translate Bible into Hawaiian.

         – The United States liberty ship SS Hiram Bingham was named in his honor.

1869 – Bingham died.




2.5 (49%) 20 votes