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Billy Thorpe

Born: 1949 AD
Died: 2007 AD
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1946 – Was born in England on the 29th of March and shortly after moved to Australia with his family.


1964 – On June, scoring a huge national hit with their version of the Rolling Stones’ version of "Poison Ivy.


1965 – Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs gravitated towards releasing songs which showed off Thorpe’s fine singing voice and scored another major hit with a straight ballad version of "Over the Rainbow" from the film The Wizard of Oz, and in July a version of the Platters’ "Twilight Time.


1968 – On December, He had decided to try his luck in England, and accepted some gigs in Melbourne for extra cash before leaving.


1973 – On November, the Aztecs also became the first rock band to play the Sydney Opera House.


1979 – He signed a US deal with American producer Spencer Proffer and recorded the ambitious science fiction/rock opera concept album Children Of The Future, which achieved Top 20 status in America, selling 500,000 copies.


1990 – He concentrated on non-music business activities as diverse as electronics and toys, before forming Zoo with Mick Fleetwood.


1996 – Returned to Australia to live and authored two highly-entertaining best selling books which only scratch the surface of his life and career, Sex Thugs And Rock’n’Roll, and naturally, Most People I Know. Ed. Nimmervoll, All Music Guide


2007 – Suffered an unheralded heart attack at home on the 28th February. He was taken by ambulance to St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney Australia around 0200 (AEDT) after suffering severe chest pains. He remained in the emergency ward in a serious condition and went into cardiac arrest around 0230. Hospital staff attempted to resuscitate him, but he did not recover. His family were by his side when passed away. Thorpe was 60 years old. He is survived by his wife Lynne, and daughters Rusty and Lauren. "His family were with him when he passed away

3.3 (66.25%) 32 votes