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Bignon, Louis Pierre Edouard

Born: 1771 AD
Died: 1841 AD
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1771 – Louis de Bignon was born at Rouen,Normandy, France on 3rd of January. French historian and politician.

1797 – He was attached to the diplomatic service.

1799 – Appointed to the French legation at Berlin, the he became chargé d’affaires.

1804-1806 – He took a prominent share in the formation of the confederation of the Rhine; and after the battle of Jena he returned to Prussia as administrator of the public domains and finances.

        – He filled a similar function in Austria after the battle of Wagram.
1810 – Became French resident at Warsaw and was a supreme in the affairs of the grand duchy.

1812 – The preparation of a constitution for Poland, on which he was engaged, was, however, interrupted by the events.

1815 – Signed the convention of the 3rd of July, by which Paris was handed over to the allies.

1817-1830 – Elected to the chamber of deputies.

1829-1838 – He wrote the "Histoire de France sous Napoleon".

1831 – Elected deputy.

1839 – Became member of the chamber of peers.

1841 – He died this year in France.

2.2 (43.33%) 6 votes