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Bigelow, Poultney

Born: 1855 AD
Died: 1954 AD

1855 – Poultney Bigelow was born on the 10th of September in New York City.

1873 – Bigelow entered Yale College because of health problem; he took a two-year leave from studies.

1879 – Graduated at Yale College.

       – He obtained a law degree from Columbia Law School.

1885 – Founded the first American magazine devoted to amateur sports, Outing.

1889 – He wrote "The German emperor".

1892 – Authored of the book "The German emperor and his eastern neighbors".

1895 – Wrote "The borderland of czar and kaiser. Notes from both sides of the Russian frontier".

1919 – Wrote "Prussianism and pacifism; the two Wilhelms between the revolutions of 1848 and 1918".

1925 – He wrote "Seventy summers".

1930 – At the age of 74, he noted "its hell to live so long".

1954 – He entered the Dale Sanitarium on 14th of January and died on 28th of May.