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Bigelow, Erastus Brigham

Born: 1814 AD
Died: 1879 AD
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1814 – Born on the 2nd of April in West Boylston, Massachusetts. American industrialist, noted as the developer of the power carpet loom and as a founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

1824 – From age 10, Bigelow was obliged to work and to forgo a formal education.

1837 – At the age of 23 he invented his first loom for lace manufacture.

       – Bigelow followed this with other power looms for weaving a variety of figured fabrics, tapestry carpeting, and ingrain carpeting.

1843 – He and his brother Horatio established a gingham mill, around which the town of Clinton, Massachusetts, grew.

1844 – He founded the Bigelow carpet mills in Massachusetts.

1845-1851 – He developed his greatest invention, a power loom for the manufacture of Brussels and Wilton carpets.

       –  His inventions provided a large impetus to carpet manufacture in Europe as well as in the United States.

1861 –  He was a leading member of a committee appointed to implement proposals that led to the establishment of MIT.

1862-1877 – In two authoritative works on economics, Bigelow defended protective tariffs.

1879 – He died on the 6th of November in Boston, Massachusetts.

3 (60%) 17 votes