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Bierut, Boleslaw

Born: 1892 AD
Died: 1956 AD
3.1 (61.18%) 17 votes

1892 – Born on the 18th of April in Rury Jezuickie near Lublin, Poland. Polish statesman and Communist Party official who came to be called the Stalin of Poland after playing a major role in his party’s takeover of the Polish government after World War II.

1918 – Influenced by leftist-socialist ideas, he joined the Polish Communist Party and became an underground organizer in Poland as well as in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Austria.

1925 – Went to Moscow to be trained at the school of the Communist International.

1938 – Arrested and imprisoned several times in the 1920s and ’30s for his activities in Poland, he went to Russia after his release and remained there during most of World War II.

         – After the amnesty, he settled down in Warsaw and worked as a book keeper in a cooperative.

1943 – Bierut was recalled to head the new Polish Workers’ Party.

1944 – He became provisional head of the Polish republic.

1945 – He served in the People’s Republic of Poland as President.

1948 – He was instrumental in the September deposition as secretary-general of the Polish Workers’ Party of Gomulka, who had attempted to bend the Soviet party line to Polish circumstances.

1952-1954 – When the president’s duties were taken over by a State Council, he became premier, but he resigned that post, when he became secretary-general of the PZPR.

         – Served as Prime Minister of Poland.

1956 – Bierut died in Moscow on 12th of March during a political visit to the Soviet Union.

3.1 (61.18%) 17 votes