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Biela, Wilhelm Freiherr von

Born: 1782 AD
Died: 1856 AD, at 73 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Astronomers


1782 - Born on the 19th of March Rossla, Harz, Northern Germany. German-Austrian military officer and astronomer.

1805-1809 - He became a Captain in Austrian armed forces, and participated in a number of military campaigns against Napoleon.

         - He was appointed as commandant of Rovigo, Venetia.

1826 - Discovered Comet 3D/Biela on February 27th. Biela discovered this comet in Aries, and calculated its orbit. He found this one to be short-periodic with a period of 6.62 years, and recognized the former apparitions.

1836 - He published "Die zweite grosse Weltenkraft, nebst Ideen über einige Geheimnisse der physischen Astronomie, oder Andeutungen zu einer Theorie der Tangentialkraft," appeared at Prague.

1846-1852 - Comet Biela was observed to decay into two comets, and observed for a last time. It's fragments are probably source of a meteor shower called Bielids, or Andromedids, occurring each year around November.

1856 - Wilhelm von Biela died on 18th of February.


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