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Biel, Gabriel

Born: 1420 AD
Died: 1495 AD
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1420? – Gabriel Biel was born at Speyer, Germany. German philosopher, economist, and one of the most distinguished Scholastic theologians of the late Middle Ages.

         – He was known as the "last of the Scholastics".

1432 – He was ordained to the priesthood and entered Heidelberg University.

         – He became superior of the "Clerics of the Common Life" at Butzbach.

1848 – Appointed as the first professor of theology.

1453 – Enrolled in the faculty of theology at Universaity of Cologne.

1460 – Having studied at various German universities, Biel became vicar and cathedral preacher at Mainz.

1468 – He entered the Order of the Brothers of the Common Life, a religious community devoted to education.

1477 – He was the first professor of theology at the University of Tubingen.

1479 – Appointed provost of the church in Urach.

1484 – He was appointed professor of theology at the University of Tuebingen.

1489 – Appointed rector of University of Tuebingen.

1495 – He died on 7th of December in Tübingen, Württemberg.

2.9 (57.5%) 16 votes