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Biddle, Nicholas

Born: 1786 AD
Died: 1844 AD

1786 – Born on the 8th of January in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1796 – Entered the University of Pennsylvania at age 10.

1801 – Transferred to Princeton and graduated at age 15, as valedictorian.

1806 – 1823 – He became associate editor of a magazine called Port-Folio.

1807 – Returned home to practice law and write, contributing papers on fine arts, to different publications.

1810 – 1811 – He was elected to the state legislature.

1812 – The editor Joseph Dennie died and he took over the magazine.

1816 – President Monroe appointed him as a government director of 2nd Bank of US.

1819 – Banking crisis and economic recession occurred, critics charged that his Bank was to blame due to its tight credit policy.

1822 – Upon the resignation of Bank president Langdon Cheves he became president of of 2nd Bank of US.

1839 – Resigned from his post of Bank President.

1841 – The Bank finally failed.

1844 – He died on 27th of February in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.