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Biddle, John

Born: 1615 AD
Died: 1662 AD
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1615 – Born on the 14th of January, at Wotton under Edge, in Gloucestershire.

1638 – He graduated B.A. and proceeded M.A.

1641 – Was then appointed to the mastership of the free school in the city of Gloucester.

1645 – In December, he was summoned before the parliamentary committee then sitting at Gloucester.

1647 – He was released on bail after a short imprisonment, but was in July called before parliament, which desired to inquire into his views.

1652 – In February the general act of oblivion gave him complete freedom, and his adherents soon began to meet regularly for worship on Sundays.

1654 – He was summoned before the parliament in December and imprisoned.

1655 – He was put upon trial, and was only rescued by Cromwell, who sent him out of the way to one of the Scilly Islands, allowed him 100 crowns a year,

1658 – On the solicitation of many friends, released him.

1662 – Returning to London he was in June again arrested, and fined £100.

1662 – He was at once committed to prison, where fever, caused by the pestilential atmosphere, carried him, died on the 22nd of September.

2.8 (56%) 35 votes