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Biber, Heinrich Johann Franz von

Born: 1644 AD
Died: 1704 AD
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1644 – He was born on the 12th of August in Wartenberg, Germany.

         – He was first a violinist at the castle of Kromìøíž and the Salzburg court.

1660 – He entered the service of the Prince-Bishop of Olomouc who maintained an excellent Kapelle at his Krom Yíž castle.

1672 – He composed new music for large ceremonial events, and he felt secure enough to marry Maria Weiss, a member of one of Salzburg’s prominent merchant families.

1684 – He became Kapellmeister in Salzburg.

         – Biber wrote as the "Nightwatchman" Serenade and "Harmonia Artificiosa."

1904 – Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber died on the 3rd of May.




2.5 (50.67%) 15 votes