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Bibbiena, Bernardo Dovizio da

Born: 1470 AD
Died: 1520 AD
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1470 – Born on the 4th of August in Bibbiena Italy. Italian Catholic clergyman, diplomat, poet, and translator.

       – He received a substantial literary training, and became a preceptor and boon companion of Giovanni dei Medici, the future Pope Leo X.

1494 – In November, when the Medici were banished, he supported them.

       – He was rewarded with the protection of Julius II and many honours at the Roman court.

1507 – His literary fame is mainly connected with the first comedy of note written in Italian prose, La Calandra (also, known as Il Calandro and La Calandria), was probably given for the first time at Urbino.
1513 – His arduous efforts on behalf of his lifelong patron secured the election of Giovanni dei Medici to the pontifical throne.

1517-1518 – Leo X repaid such services by presenting him with a purple robe, appointing him his treasurer and entrusting him with many important missions, among them the command of the Papal army in the War of Urbino and a legation to France.

1520 – Bernardo Dovizi died on 9th of November.




2.4 (48%) 5 votes